Don’t Want To

with ne’er a care
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A nifty, swifty little tune that I wrote after watching a video of Tiny Tim sing the song “Bushwacker” on Australian television. I wanted to do just a two-chord song — and did in the verses! — but couldn’t help myself and used the standard set of intro chords I used to use as the intro for every song when I performed as a street musician on State Street in Madison, WI, just learning the ukulele. Since I had to figure out how to do it every key I played in, it was, in fact, part of how I taught myself to play the ukulele.

Here’s a bit of just the ending with the full Orchestra and our Beethoveny coda

That chord progression I mentioned that occupies the last quarter-lap around the song (and with which we start in the audio clip above) is this:

I – III7 – vi – VI7 – II7 – V7 – (I – Idim) – (I – Idim – I)

…which in the key of G would be:

G – B7 – Em – E7 – A7 – D7 – (G – Gdim) – (G – Gdim – G)

…with the V7 (D7) tagged on if you’re turning it around to start again.

the kind of music your great-great-great-grandparents warned your great-great-grandparents about