Save Me A Krampus (For The Holiday)

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Get this ready to sing the evening of each December 5 for St. Nick’s Eve as it’s celebrated in Southest Germany/Austria and Southeast Wisconsin: the tender tale of a young/old man’s wistful wishing for a visit from a whip-wielding goat-man-demon-beast who stuffs bad children in sacks and takes them who knows where. Good kids get an orange. Don’t forget to put your shoes by the door.

The audio reference track is the same as the the audio track for the video posted directly below it from 2021, featuring my daughter, Irenevipersdottir (she plays the Krampus). Watch for the twist!

The Viper, “Save Me A Krampus (For The Holiday),” December, 2012.
The Viper (with Vipersdottir), “Save Me A Krampus (For The Holdiday),” video, December 2012

This song is also one of three (so far) for which I’ve created a full piano/ukulele sheet music arrangement. We sold one copy to the Bavarian/Austrian member of a German tour group who stumbled into one of our California Clipper performances in Chicago in what remains one of my favorite performing memories. Cover below.

“Save Me a Krampus (For the Holiday)” sheet music cover, created December 2014
Detail of Detail
The Viper’s reference point: Norman Rockwell, “The Discovery,” Saturday Evening Post cover, December 29, 1956

the kind of music your great-great-great-grandparents warned your great-great-grandparents about