The Revenge of Myndryll Leavesfall

Riley Broach, bassist for The Viper and His Famous Orchestra, and currently the Orchestra Director at Lake Zurich Middle School North in Illinois, passes along the following.

Just wanted to share the last two concerts of mine. I have a few recordings up on my orchestra website. The first is of the concert last night, December 17, featuring the Atomic Strings performing “Aloha ‘Oe” with me singing.

…and playing the ukulele. Listen especially in “Aloha ‘Oe” for the talking parts, where Riley pesters the audience with “You know this part” and (in apparent Yiddish) “Now you do it, ‘Aloha Oy!'” And on “Rhythm ‘N’ Blues,” we discover that clapping on the 2 and 4 doesn’t necessarily come naturally to the children of Lake Zurich.

The second is of the Halloween concert on October 30th with the Atomic Strings performing an original song, The Quentin Witch Project, with me singing again. It’s the beginning to an epic tale about five viking heroes getting lost on some river off of Lake Zurich.

It is, indeed, epic. Have your lunch and your coffee ready in front of you before you click play, because if you get up in the middle to do this stuff, you’ll miss quite a bit. I’m still not entirely clear on the plot, but Riley does offer helpful meta-commentary throughout. Photos are available here.

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