Out on Paint Branch…

The Paint Branch Blue Boys recently completed a demo recording of three tracks, produced through the Herculean efforts of James Key in his home office, from which the following recording of “Everybody’s Truckin'” is drawn.

(download here)

The lyrics we’ve devised for this Western Swing standard stay just this side of clean. Peter Jensen came up with my favorite pair, which is “Everybody’s nippin’ and tuckin’ / Everybody’s liposuckin’.”

The line-up for this recording is as follows: Mike Paul, vocals and blue-blown comb; Peter Jensen, violin and vocals; James Key, bass and guitar; Ryan Jerving, banjo ukulele, jug, and vocals; Michael Sevener, banjo. Though all three demo songs were recorded in multi-track style, with each musician recording their part separately, this is the only song on which we actually did overdubs that we couldn’t reproduce if we were playing the song live. In particular, listen for the solo section in the middle in which James brilliantly brought things down to just comb (Mike), banjo ukulele (me), and jug (me again). This is our Sgt. Pepper’s moment.

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