Paint Branch Ramblers are now online

The Paint Branch Ramblers (my current old time, bluegrass, and jug band) now have a blog to call their own over at News, show listings, and free downloads can all be found there — so get thee there. Our next show is this Friday, June 6, opening the “cabaret” portion of the 2008 Mid-Atlantic Ukulele Invitational (M.A.U.I.), and playing as the warm-up and pit band for the evening’s performance of Saturday, June 7. See here for details.

In the meantime, please enjoy this scratch track we’ve been using to practice some of the entr’acte music we’ll be playing as the pit band. In this case, what you’re hearing is Cue #2 for the “Paint Branch Ramble.” Pick up a comb and wax paper and play along.


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