Mr. Dobalena, Mr. Bob Dobalena

Nothing much to say about this: just an exercise in getting started figuring out how to use the Audacity sound editing open source software I downloaded yesterday off It’s the Monkees meets the Music Man meets “Revolution #9” meets Licensed to Ill. Which, all told, just may be the Viper’s Rosetta Stone.

download here

The sound was recorded straight through the built-in mic on my Dell Inspiron 8600, and it sounds a little funny because I tried using Audacity’s noise reduction feature to get rid of the various fan & hard drive sounds that were tagging along for the ride. Since I was practicing the program’s features, I only said each line twice, thus forcing me to figure out how to cut and paste to stretch each out to four times.

One thought on “Mr. Dobalena, Mr. Bob Dobalena”

  1. Isn’t that a great program? I have my students working with that as well as Finale Notepad and Acid Loops. They are all free programs available for download.

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