A song for this season

So the original 5-song live EP by the Viper and His Famous Orchestra, A Song for All Seasons, is now available for sale through CD Baby, and should show up soon on iTunes and other digital sale sites as well. And below, I’m trying out CD Baby’s html code that’s supposed to let you buy the CD directly from this page.

Let’s see if it works:

Buy the CD
A Song for All Seasons
click to order

OK. Not the most subtle thing in the world. But there you have it. May it serve you well.

In any case, here’s the info on the CD that you’ll find on CD Baby, and I hope to type in and upload the original liner notes from it at some point as well:

A Song for All Seasons was recorded live at two Champaign, Illinois watering holes: Mike & Molly’s (April 29, 1999) and The Highdive (February 20 & 24, 2000). The musicians of the Orchestra are The Viper (baritone ukulele, tiple, lead vocals), Riley Broach (double bass, trumpet kazoo, and vocals), Edward Burch (suitcase, other percussion, straight-but-not-narrow kazoo, and vocals), Rob Henn (trombone, trombone kazoo, egg, and vocals), and guest violinist/sawist Colin McKoy on “Limehouse Blues” and “Whispering.” The cover art is by Edward Burch, with photographs by Rachel Leibowitz, modeled on a 1960s LP of the same title by harpist Robert Maxwell (Decca DL-74609).

Meanwhile, you can also read this earlier post that describes how and why Edward Burch designed the great cover art for the CD.

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