It’s alive!

The Viper had his first practice with the Famous Orchestra since 2002 on Sunday, June 14. It sounded surprisingly good, and I think we’re going to sound really good by the time of our mid-July shows. I’m going back for more later this morning.

The practice included me, trombonist Rob Henn, and bass player Riley Broach. We practiced at the lovely 1866 home of Riley and Therese Peskowits in Palatine, IL. And here’s what we practiced:

  • Randolph St.
  • I Left My Liver in Libertyville
  • Heyse Latke Kalte Latke
  • Winnebago Bay
  • The Fillmore and Buchanan March
  • The Neapolitan
  • Seafaring Lassie
  • Whispering
  • Good Morning Irene
  • Ich Bin Berlin
  • Drunk Bus
  • Benny Lava

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