So be good

Here’s a song to open your advent calendar by: “The Christmasy Blues,” music and lyrics by Irene Vipersdottir Jerving, age 5. There’s some good advice in here, so listen up.

‘The Christmasy Blues”

download the mp3

The song is from a forthcoming CD to be titled Christmasy, as recorded by the two-person band (me and her) that she calls The Reds and the Blues. The entire run of the CD will be 1 copy, which she plans to give to our upstairs neighbors for Christmas.

11 thoughts on “So be good”

  1. This is absolutely hysterical! Irene is something else, and we miss her very, very, very much here in Maryland! I am sure she has been a very good girl this year, so that she will not be dealing with rocks and coal on Christmas! Love to all the Hanlon/Jerving clan, and very best wishes for a wonderful Christmas.

  2. This is pure rock and roll genius. She’s already got that growl.

    “otherwise he’ll think you’re a really demanding kid…” Excellent.

    We told Otis that the modern version of coal is petrified dog turds, since I don’t know where the heck we’d get coal in a pinch.

  3. This is SO great! I’m chuckling as I listen – don’t want to LOL b/c I want to hear it all! I can’t wait for my kids to hear it.

  4. Irene that was awesome-happy Christmas to you! That was inspiring and it makes me want to call you.
    PS – my sister Libby loved getting a ukulele from Santa.

  5. Wow! This is ah-mazing. Christmas never sounded like this at my house. The part about Santa reading your mind is kinda creepy, I never thought about that before … I promise to be good. Well, at least better.

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