(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding

The Generics, live at the Fairhaven Bowl in Mundelein, Illinois, summer of 1986. Raw suburban Chicago mid-80s power, undetectable Farfisa organ and all.

right click here to download mp3

Photograph by David Broustis, circa 1985

And the message is as timely as ever. That message being: “Enjoy the bass stylings of Pat Gamet.”

The Generics at the time of this recording were: Ryan Jerving, guitar; Craig Witsoe, guitar; Nadine Engel (now Schneller), drums; John Papageorge, keyboards; Pat Gamet, bass; and Dean Samara, saxophone (though I think playing tambourine on this track). We would have all been Libertyville High School seniors (+/- 1).

There’s a part near the beginning of the song on the original recording where the right channel dropped out for about 30 seconds, which I’ve only had partial success in covering by patching the left channel on top of it. You’ll hear the difference when the right comes back in at 0:53 . Try not to let it spoil your peace, your love, or your understanding.

The Fairhaven Bowl still stands: join a league today.

2 thoughts on “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding”

  1. Ryan, thank for posting. Good times at the Fairhaven bowl and some fine Jewel-Osco art by Dave B. Where have all the Generics gone? -Craig

  2. @ Craig – Wow! Great to hear from you. Well, I’m still in touch with Nadine, John Papageorge, and Pat Gamet via Facebook. Nadine is in Chicago, John is in San Francisco, and Pat has a winery in Nebraska. (But who doesn’t?)

    Dean Samara is somewhat M.I.A., though I ran into his sister, Donya, about… well, now about 10 years ago, I suppose, at an academic conference. She intimated that he was some kind of scientist in, maybe, California. Where are you?

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