Feliz Meriton

Just in time for the season, Irene Vipersdottir Jerving has, once again, struck holiday gold. You may remember last year’s “Christmasy Blues” (and if you don’t, see below). This year’s offering is titled “Feliz Meriton,” and it goes like this:

Feliz Meriton
download the mp3 | download the uncompressed wav file

The song is faux French with some Spanish influence (don’t bother to look up the meaning of “meriton” — it doesn’t exist). Irene sings all three vocal tracks. And as she tells you in the pages of her own online IRENE Magazine, “This is a song in D minor, so don’t cry!”

And now, think back to 2009, when you and I were young. “The Christmasy Blues”:

download the mp3

And “Jingle Bells”

download the mp3

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