Save Me a Krampus (For the Holiday)

In the spirit of the season, The Viper presents a new music video for a song I wrote this same time last year, “Save Me a Krampus (For the Holiday).” Like to know what The Viper hopes he’ll find tucked into his shoes on the morn of December 5, St. Nicholas Day? Well listen up, my friends, and the tale will be told.

This was recorded/filmed on November 29 & 30, 2012 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My daughter, Irene, and I did the camerawork, with Irene Jerving starring as the eponymous Krampus. Play along, with chords & lyrics available here.

If you are unfamiliar with Krampus (and in the age of Wikipedia, that’s really unforgiveable, you know), you should know that Krampus is the troll-like creature who accompanies St. Nicholas in the holiday traditions of parts of Austria, Bavaria, and such, playing bad-cop-good-cop on their house-to-house rounds. Especially bad kids get stuffed in a sack and dragged away to the Krampus’s lair. Somewhat bad kids just get their oranges taken away. Happy holidays!

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