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I’m not talkin’ about catching no dogfish…

…I’m talking about sharkin’.

(download here)

The line is, of course, from Jaws, and it’s what the grizzled old island fisherman, Quint, says after he scratches his nails on the blackboard to get attention at the town meeting.

Like the “Zilch” from a few days ago, this was a quickly put-together track to test out some music-making software — in this case an old, free version of ComputerMuzys that came attatched to the cover of a magazine I bought a couple years ago. I’m sure this software — sequencer, sampler, mixer — is quite out of date, but then so, I suppose, is the banjo ukulele.

I basically tweaked their test/instructional tracks until it sounded like this, and recorded the “vocal” using the headphone mic from my ill-fated attempt at voice-activated word processing (which is how I thought I’d be able to grade papers while holding a sleeping Irene after she was born).

I’ll note that I seem to have been scooped:


And here’s the scene in question from the movie (as long as it stays up):


…or I’d least I’d thought it was, until I watched it and then looked it up. This is Quint’s big scene in the movie, and he says something like this about “not fishing for bluegills,” but it’s actually Hooper who mentions “dogfish” later in the movie, after Quint says “Mr. Hooper, I’m not talkin’ about pleasure boatin’ or daily sailin’. I’m talkin’ about workin’ for a livin’. I’m talkin’ about sharkin’!”