Better things for me?

Here’s an attempt to use the Line6 TonePort UX2 for its real purpose, which is as a simulator of various classic amp sounds.

for download

This is “Better Things for You” recorded with my Konablaster electric ukulele strung in mandolin tuning (and the whole thing tuned down a minor third, i.e., E-B-F#-C#, so as not to make the neck snap!) and then run through the GearBox software’s crunch guitar “American Punk” setting. Hey! I’m punky. Then the vocal, such as it is, is also recorded through two crunch guitar settings: the first is “Blues Slide” and the second is “Street Fighting Man.”

I was trying for a Billy Bragg / Social Distortion kind of thing, but I think it ends up sounding like Bruce Springsteen on a bad day. The song itself is a traditional one, recorded by the Memphis Sanctified Singers and included on the Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk Music. But I basically sing the lyrics as heard by Peter Stampfel on the Holy Modal Rounders recording of it.

I have no idea what the actual name is of the guy who “was humble / he prayed to God each day.” Let me know if you do.

One thought on “Better things for me?”

  1. Good stuff.

    I just found a sealed LP copy of Stampfel and the Bottlecaps’ The People’s Republic of Rock’n’Roll.

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