More TonePort experiments with the Ramblers

Here’s a few more experiments with the Line6 TonePort UX2 hardware / GearBox software, this time at the Paint Branch Ramblers practice for November 20, 2008.

“Bob Smith Puts the Pedal to the Metal”

for download

This is from some fooling around before practice, with Bob Smith revealing some of his heavier chops. I think this was recorded by running a line directly out of his acoustic guitar through the “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” guitar setting on the GearBox.

“Tear It Down” detail

for download

My mind is on my money and my money is on my mind. This is equalized a bit using Audacity’s RCA Victor 1938 setting. The musicians you’re hearing are The musicians are: Susan Johnson (washtub bass), Mike Paul (soprano ukulele), Peter Jensen (violin), Bob Smith (guitar). When I’m not singing, I’m playing jug

“Jackknife” detail


Normally we go right into “Down Yonder” after this, but I wanted to hear what just our vocal intro would sound like with an attempt to use Audacity’s noise removal feature to get rid of some of the hum from the fluorescent lights in my apartment. Next time we record, I’m bringing out my nightstand lamps! Equalized using Decca FFRR 78 setting, which gives a little more of a trebly edge than the RCA Victor setting. Singing is Mike Paul, Peter Jensen, and me.

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