Set lists for Otis Ball August 22 and 23

Backlist in Motion
Backlist in motion

It’s been a long time coming. But here are the set lists for the shows on which Ryan Jerving (the Viper) sat in on guitar with DeKalb, Illinois legend Otis Ball and the Chains. This was part of a two-day “DeKalb Rocks” event in Chicago and DeKalb that brought back together a number of great bands from the punk and post-punk 1980s scene in DeKalb, including Blatant Dissent, The Subverts, happy hunting, and others.

I was a Chain! Otis and I were friends from my days in the late 1980s Madison band Kissyfish. Our bands played together surprisingly often, given the geographic distance, and it was always a good time. Otis is a great rock ‘n’ roll songwriter and it was an honor to share a stage with him again.

Saturday, August 22
The Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL

  • We Will Rock You
  • Amy
  • I Enjoy Being a Boy
  • Borderline
  • Walk On Water
  • Dianamal*
  • I Am Otis

Sunday, August 23
Otto’s, DeKalb, Illinois

  • Hot Day*
  • Fire Needs Oxygen*
  • She’s Not Dumb/Dianamal*
  • Everybody Knows*
  • I Enjoy Being a Boy
  • Amy
  • Lonely Little Vampire (a Kissyfish song)
  • Paperback Grotto/Walk On Water
  • Birthday*
  • Charles Manson’s Birthday

* Ryan Jerving didn’t play on this one

Several photo albums on Facebook are devoted to the two-day event, if you can access them.

Jason Jerde, “DeKalb Rocks Reunion – Otis Ball and the Chains”

Elaine Decho-Fishman, “DeKalb Rocks 1 – 8/22/09”

Elaine Decho-Fishman, “DeKalb Rocks 2_8-23-09”

Tim Skraba, “DeKalb Rocks”

And there’s even video – here’s a compilation of Otis Ball & the Chains moments:

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