Set list for Martyrs’ – Jan. 11, 2014

humptyA great time was had by all at Sousaphenia 3 at Martyrs’ in Chicago, and The Viper and His Famous Orchestra kept good company with Environmental Encroachment, Bassel & The Supernaturals, and the 4 Star Brass Band. We’ll be back in Chicago on Jan. 25 to play at the Uncommon Ground on Devon, along with Jack & Ace. So come and see us there — it’ll be an event!.

We played the following songs at Martyrs’, two of which (“Bled-a-Loe Lang-de-lang” and “Hotzeplotz Calls”) saw their debut at this show (extra points if you can spot the typo in the image of the set-list at the bottom of the page):

  • The Fillmore & Buchanan March
  • Bled-a-loe Lang-de-lang
  • Hotzeplotz Calls
  • Good Morning Irene
  • My Seafaring Lassie
  • The Monsters Are Coming
  • Heartbreak for Beginners
  • Stopper in My Hand
  • I Left My Liver in Libertyville set-list-jan-11

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