Viper Half-Century Songbook

Under Construction

So I’m starting in earnest in pulling together a “Viper Half-Century” songbook. I’ll be posting here my progress as I incorporate files for each of the song pages linked to below. Each will have at least a PDF version of the lead & chord sheet for each song, plus the Midi mp3 created from the software I used to create the music to help you follow along. Most pages will also have audio & video of Viper performances. Eventually, the songbook will also include ukulele chord diagrams, artwork, and introductory context.

Look for other intro type material in the Another Birthday song intro, the intro to El Cortador in both the Viper and Ryan Jerving posts.

Here’s the second song for the “Viper Half-Century” songbook I’m pulling together. Just in case you missed my post from a couple days ago (and the plan is to put one song out every two days), this will be a compilation of 50 Viper songs I wrote before I turned 50. Wait’ll you hear the sequel in 2068!As I noted before, the final songbook will include ukulele chord charts and links to helpful instructional videos and minus-one performance for you to play along with. But I’m pushing myself to just get all the music transcribed first. And if you know your chords, you can play it on any accompaniment instrument at all (happy to help with any that you might not know).So here’s “Another Birthday Song,” with a link below to a PDF version of images you see here.

  1. And Sometimes Dmytryk – Song Page | PDF | Midi mp3
  2. Another Birthday Song – Song Page | PDF | Midi mp3
  3. (It’s Gonna Be) Another Day – Song Page | PDF | Midi mp3
  4. Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been Blue? – Song Page | PDF | Midi mp3
  5. Ballad of the Henry 55Song Page | PDF | Midi mp3
  6. Big-Headed Small-Minded ManSong Page | PDF | Midi mp3
  7. Bled-a-Loe Lang-de-LangSong Page | PDF | Midi mp3
  8. Body and SoulSong Page | PDF | Midi mp3
  9. Bone DrySong Page | PDF | Midi mp3
  10. Curb Your DogSong Page | PDF | Midi mp3
  11. DirgeSong Page | PDF | Midi mp3
  12. Don’t Want ToSong Page | PDF | Midi mp3
  13. DopamineSong Page | PDF | Midi mp3
  14. Fillmore and Buchanan March, TheSong Page | PDF | Midi mp3
  15. First Round PolkaSong Page | PDF | Midi mp3
  16. Four DegreesSong Page | PDF | mp3
  17. Good Morning Irene
  18. Heartbreak for Beginners
  19. Hey! Rounders
  20. Heyse Latke Kalte Katke
  21. Hotzeplotz Calls (Vocal)
  22. Hotzeplotz Calls (Instrumental)
  23. I Left My Liver In Libertyville
  24. I Love a Girl in Moscow
  25. I’m Here to Steal Your Song
  26. Ich Bin Berlin (The Sundown Song)
  27. It Doesn’t Feel Like Summer
  28. Just That Good
  29. Kapital, Das
  30. Last Call Waltz
  31. Let Not Life Far From These Fingers Flee / My Dog Has Fleas
  32. Make a World Brand New
  33. Monsters Are Coming, The
  34. My Seafaring Lassie
  35. Neapolitan, The
  36. One More
  37. Out of the Blonde On Blonde
  38. Randolph St.
  39. Save Me a Krampus
  40. Sharkin’
  41. Sing a Song of Texas
  42. Stepping the Betsy
  43. Stopper In My Hand
  44. Take the Measure of It All
  45. They All Made Peace (What Is Peace)
  46. Ukulele Rhythm
  47. Ultimo en Saber, El
  48. Cooking / Just in Time
  49. Viper’s Blue Yodel No. 6.02 x 10 to the 23rd
  50. Winnebago Bay
  51. Yodeler’s Christmas, The
  52. XTRA – El Cortador
  53. XTRA – The Older I Get the Younger I Feel

the kind of music your great-great-great-grandparents warned your great-great-grandparents about